Our History

We’re proud to say that not only do we offer the best Argentine food in Miami, but we were among the first to introduce the cuisine to the region. We got our start in Miami in 1990, in an Argentine market we opened on Coral Way. We soon learned that people wanted more than a market – they wanted traditional Argentine grilled meat. So we started cooking. On weekends we set up wooden tables in the parking lot with Coca-Cola crates for chairs, we set up our grill outside, and people came. That’s when we first knew that Miami wanted what we had to offer.

Our immediate success in this country was no fluke – we came here with decades of experience. Fifty years ago, in Buenos Aires, Mario Graziano established a traditional butcher shop. After almost three decades in business, he decided to try his luck in the United States, and he moved to Miami with his wife, Maria, and their children. Maria and the children worked with Mario – the kids grew up in the business, working on weekends when they were in school, then graduating to careers in Graziano’s Group. They’re still working at Graziano’s now, and so are many of Mario’s grandchildren.

We’ve grown since our days serving grilled meat in the parking lot, but our ideals and traditions are still the same – the best cuts of meat, prepared in traditional Argentine ways, from our family to you.