About Us

We are serious about our food. We have been widely recognized as the best Argentine steakhouse in Miami. Saveur.com even called us “the gold standard for Argentine steak in the Miami area.”

It all starts with the ingredients. Everything is homemade from the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible, and prepared in traditional Argentine ways with a Miami flair.

We pay attention to every detail. Our wide variety of meats is chosen with great care. We use only sustainable seafood and get our fish fresh daily. Our breads and pastries, are hand-made by bakers who learned the craft in traditional Argentine towns. Anything that isn’t baked on our premises is brought in each day from local producers. Our extensive wine list is one of most distinguished in South Florida, with each wine selected individually from small producers, largely from family-owned vineyards.

The heart of Argentine cuisine is the fire. Our fires are fueled with Quebracho wood, a dense, red wood that grows in Argentina and southern Brazil. We use Quebracho wood for the superior flavor it imparts to the meat and the quality of the flame. It creates a steady, low flame with long-burning embers, which we find yields the best results. We use a variety of cooking methods in our restaurants – grill, wood-burning oven, asador, and infiernillo oven.

Our menus are anchored in traditional Argentine cuisine, but we are constantly experimenting. We travel back to Argentina regularly for inspiration, and we bring new ideas straight to our customers. Our approach is to stay true to tradition, but spice it with the best of the new.